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A consortium of environmentally concerned companies

Golden State Natural Gas Systems, Inc. – Incorporated in 1988. The company started as a distributor for Heavy Duty Dual Fuel Equipment systems and gained CARB certification approval for the first certified DF conversion equipment in 1990.
The company evolved into an energy and environmental services company, and has specific experience and expertise in the following areas:
  • •  AQMD & Environmental Health compliance for the operators in the gas/oil fields
  • •  Compliance reporting to various state agencies on client’s behalf
  • •  Alternate Fuels Installations (past) – mobile, stationary and locomotive
  • •  Emissions testing at various locations in the United States and South America
  • •  Emission Credits Projects-Sutter Power Plant-first power plant commissioned under CA deregulation
  • •  Technology needs and cost analysis for methane recovery – flare and biomethane
  • •  Pipeline projects for ag sectors for upgrading to natural gas – ag processing and ag pumps currently working with two projects totaling 25 miles of line at 300 mcf/hr capability
  • •  Successfully tested a variety of slurries for dewatering needs and product implementation
  • •  Assembled a small technology group consisting of experts, and have convened discussions pertaining to current issues including: methane conditioning – compression – power generation – P2G methanation – natural gas/propane engines – high capacity lightweight tube trailers – mobile CNG/RNG supply trailers – RIN/LCFS Credit Monetization – Gas Off-Take – HDDF conversions –  high-efficiency ultra-low NOx boilers – pipeline construction and materials –  pipeline engineering and interconnect – liquid/solid separation
CNG/RNG Trailers – Compression
Mobile CNG/RNG Refueling Trailers
Power Generation
Power Generation
P2G Methanation (CO2 capture to RNG)
Biomass Pellet Systems
Boilers – Water Heaters
Pipeline Materials-Construction
H2S-H2O – Siloxane – CO2 Drop Out
Pipeline Engineering & Interconnect
CNG/RNG Stations – Fuel Dispensing
Credit Monetization  – Gas Off-Take
Liquid-Solid Separation
CNG Direct  –  www.cngdirectinc.com
CNG Direct  –  www.cngdirectinc.com
Diesel2Gas  –  www.diesel2gas.com
Generator Services Co  –  www.generator-services.com
Electrochaea  –  www.electrochaea.com
Vecoplan Midwest, LLC – www.vecoplanmidwest.com
GasMaster  –  www.gasmaster.ca
Dos Rios Inc  –  www.dosriosinc.com
GraniteFuel Engineering  –  www.granitefuel.com
Engineering firm utilized on as needed basis
TruStar Energy CNG  – www.TruStarEnergy.com
Associate utilized on as needed basis
FlowPress  –  www.flowpressusa.com
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Western US
Western US
Western US
Western US
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