A leading advocate for the advancement and dissemination of technologies as they relate to climate, energy, and water mitigation


GSNGS is in a unique position to deliver a full range of quality technological products/services and to facilitate their implementation as they relate to sustainable climate, energy, and water mitigation


GSNGS is a consortium that uniquely meets this challenge through the selection of project-specific members affiliated with Golden State and chosen for their area of expertise related to each challenge. The GSNGS synergistic approach supports the maximum effectiveness of the team members – paving the way for each project, regardless of size, to profit from the full attention and expertise of a dedicated and proficient corps of environmental and energy experts. The benefits of this combined pool of resources extend to the rapid implementation of cost-efficient products and programs and access to the most advanced technologies.


Portfolio of Equipment/Services for Climate/Energy/Water Mitigation


• CNG/RNG/LNG/H2 Transportation-Hauling
• Compression & Downloading Equipment
• Biogas Conditioning & Upgrading Equipment
• Biogas Conditioning and Upgrading Equipment Installation
• Power Generation
• Boilers/Water Heaters (High-Efficiency Ultra Low NOx)
• P2G – Methanation (CO2 Capture to RNG)
• Biomass Pellet Systems – Biomass Remediation
• Pyrolysis/Gasification for Biomass  (H2/RNG/CO2/Biochar/Syn Fuels)

• NG Pipeline Injection/Interconnect
• CNG Stations/Mobil Refueling
• Credit Monetization & Gas Off-Take
• Liquid/Solid Separation Equipment