A leading advocate for the advancement and dissemination of technologies as they relate to climate, energy, and water mitigation


GSNGS is in a unique position to deliver a full range of quality technological products/services and to facilitate their implementation as they relate to sustainable climate, energy, and water mitigation


GNSGS is a consortium that uniquely meets this challenge through the selection of project specific members affiliated with Golden State and chosen for their area of expertise related to each challenge. The GSNGS synergistic approach supports the maximum effectiveness of the team members – paving the way for each project, regardless of size, to profit from the full attention and expertise of a dedicated and proficient corps of environmental and energy experts. The benefits of this combined pool of resources extend to the rapid implementation of cost-efficient products and programs and access to the most advanced technologies.


Portfolio of Equipment/Services for Climate/Energy/Water Mitigation


• CNG/RNG/H2 Transportation-Hauling
• CNG Compression & Downloading Equipment
• Biogas Conditioning & Upgrading Equipment
• Biogas Conditioning and Upgrading Equipment Installation
• Power Generation
• Boilers/Water Heaters (High-Efficiency Ultra Low NOx)
• P2G – Methanation (CO2 Capture to RNG)
• Biomass Pellet Systems – Biomass Remediation
• Pyrolysis/Gasification for Biomass  (H2/RNG/CO2/Biochar/Syn Fuels)

• NG Pipeline Injection/Interconnect
• CNG Stations/Mobil Refueling
• Credit Monetization & Gas Off-Take
• Liquid/Solid Separation Equipment